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New septic in Attleboro

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It may look like a big sand box, but actually there is a leaching field underneath this sand.  Since the leaching field is above natural grade, a rubber liner is installed around the entire leaching field to prevent the breakout of any waste water.  This particular septic system install which is in Attleboro was a bit more complicated.  The tank and pump chamber are located next to the house which is about 150′ away from the field.  A pump sends the waste water through a 2″ pipe from the pump chamber to the distribution box (small box in the above picture) which is located at the beginning of the leaching field. 


4′ sewer snake in Norton

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If you look closely you can see the rare sewer pipe snake.  This particular one is about 6″ thick and about 4′ long.   As you might have figured out, it is really not a snake just a thick mass a roots that take the shape of the pipe over time.  Whether it is a sewer line or the pipes in your septic system, it is a good idea not to surround them with large trees.  Large trees equal large roots and roots tend to clog pipes over time.  If you need an emergency sewer line repair feel free to give us a call.  At this particular job on Cobb St. in Norton, the homeowners were quoted $4600 by a large drain cleaning company and we were able to do the. job for less than a third of their price.

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100_1020This is a picture of a Distribution Box during a Title 5 inspection in Mansfield.  Since the liquid level is above the invert of the outlet pipe, the result would be a failing Title 5 Inspection.  The heavy solids in the Distribution Box were caused by a missing outlet tee in the septic tank.  When you have your septic tank pumped, be sure your pumper inspects all aspects of your tank or you may have some bad news coming your way when you have a Title 5 inspection done.

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Even though many homeowners consider septic tank covers ugly when they are exposed, they serve a very important function.  Being able to access the inlet and outlet tees whenever the tank is pumped is critical in checking all areas of the septic tank.  Some people never dig up the inlet cover of the septic tank until they have a clog in the inlet tee.  This leads to a back up into the house and then the following usually occurs. The plumber is called, then roto rooter is called and after about $600 or so with no solution to the problem the local septic company is called.  We come over, dig up the inlet tee and remove the clump of grease and toilet paper that has been building up over the past 20 years or so.   Once again this all could have been avoided if there was adequate access to both the inlet and outlet ends of the septic tank.  In Norton, steel covers are mandatory.  In Attleboro and Mansfield the homeowner has a choice between steel or plastic covers.  Either way, this is a great way to avoid a backup of sewage from your toilet, shower or wash machine discharge pipe.




We took advantage of the great weather last week and installed a septic system that included a 1500 gallon tank, a 5 outlet distribution box with baffle and an 18′ x 40′ stone and pipe leaching field.  Over the last few years the majority of septic systems we have installed have been plastic leaching chambers covered with sand, but we are seeing a trend of many engineers switching back to the old stone and pipe systems.  No matter what type of leaching field the septic plan calls for we highly recommend installing a vent pipe.  The vent pipe adds oxygen to the leaching field, which in turn helps the bacteria in the leaching field work more efficiently.  We paint the exposed pvc pipe black or green and recommend that a bush or stone be put in front of it.  There are other products such as bird baths, granite posts and fake boulders that are made to fit over the pipe and no one will ever know it is there.


Over the past week we have had several emergency septic calls from people that think they need to have their tanks pumped, but actually they just needed to have their filter cleaned.  It is a good practice to pump your tank every 2 to 4 years (frequency depends on size of tank, age of system and the amount of people in your home), but it is more important to cleans your septic tank filter on a regular basis.  We recommend every six months the filter be cleaned to avoid unnecessary backups into the house.   Above is a picture of a septic tank filter in Norton that has been cleaned in over a year.  A clogged filter not only could cause a backup of sewage into the house but it also cuts off the air supply to the leaching field.  Which in turn could cause a premature failure of the leaching field and no one likes to hear the words “failed septic system”.   So to avoid backup and extend the life of your septic system get in a habit of cleaning your filter every six months, or give us a call and we will set you up in our automatic filter cleaning program. 

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100_1026 100_1029One of the most important parts of a septic system is the outlet tee which is located inside the septic tank.  The bottom picture is of an outlet pipe inside a septic tank that has no outlet tee.  The outlet tee stops all solids from going directly into the outlet pipe and then leading to your distribution box and eventually your leaching field.  If the outlet tee is off for too long of a period, the solids will eventually clog the pipes in your leaching field and thus causing a septic system failure.  The top picture is a recently installed outlet tee that was installed on a septic tank in Norton.  This issue was discovered by my brother, who does all the septic pumping for Ribeiro Enterprises, because he took the time to take out a mirror and flashlight and examine the entire tank.  Just another example of you get what you pay for.

One of the jobs of a septic pumper is to visually examine your ENTIRE tank.  Most pumpers usually just stick the hose in the exposed cover, pump out the liquid and then try to sell you some expensive and magical chemicals to make your system function better.  A good pumper takes the time to inspect your tank and inform the homeowner of proper septic system care.  Ribeiro Enterprises will pump septic tanks in Norton, Mansfield and Attleboro.

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100_1022[1]When performing a Title 5 inspection in Norton, it is required that a steel cover be installed over the outlet access hole of the tank so the homeowner can easily access and clean the effluent filter.  This homeowner added a second steel cover over the inlet access hole in order to be able to pump their septic tank more effectively.

100_1019[1]Due to poor soils and limited space we had to install a different type of septic system at this tough site in Norton.   This is a drip dispersal system which is manufactured by Oakson, Inc., and I believe this is the first time one of these are being installed in Norton.  The representative from Oakson is going to the site tomorrow and will be giving us a tutorial on how to correctly install the hydraulic unit and then connect it to the drip dispersal tubing.  It should be an interesting day.

We received a call today from a lady who just had her septic tank pumped from another septic pumping company.  She was told by the driver of the pump truck that there was a block of concrete in her tank and she should get the tank checked out.  She questioned the driver about the concrete and he had no answers for her.  So she called us to investigate the problem and I explained to her  on the phone that the concrete on the bottom of the tank was the old concrete baffle that was knocked off in order to install an effluent filter.   She told me that she did indeed have a filter but the pumper did not offer to clean it.

So the moral of this blog is “buyer beware”.  There is more to pumping a septic tank than just sticking the hose in the tank and sucking all of the liquid out.  A good septic pumper will check your tank, clean your filter and educate the consumer on proper septic care.  Saving $10 off a septic pump could end up costing you thousands in the future if you hire the wrong septic pumping company.  Ribeiro Enterprises, Inc. currently services Norton, Mansfield and Attleboro.

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