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We took advantage of the great weather last week and installed a septic system that included a 1500 gallon tank, a 5 outlet distribution box with baffle and an 18′ x 40′ stone and pipe leaching field.  Over the last few years the majority of septic systems we have installed have been plastic leaching chambers covered with sand, but we are seeing a trend of many engineers switching back to the old stone and pipe systems.  No matter what type of leaching field the septic plan calls for we highly recommend installing a vent pipe.  The vent pipe adds oxygen to the leaching field, which in turn helps the bacteria in the leaching field work more efficiently.  We paint the exposed pvc pipe black or green and recommend that a bush or stone be put in front of it.  There are other products such as bird baths, granite posts and fake boulders that are made to fit over the pipe and no one will ever know it is there.

Another crazy day today filled with a variety of septic jobs.  Ribeiro Enterprises provides a variety of septic services and that was evident today.  We finished installing our lastest septic system, performed two title 5 inspections in Norton, and pumped 3 septic tanks.  More tank pumping tomorrow, along with a perc test,  grading a new construction lot, digging dry wells for a gutter system, and sealing a leaking septic tank.

Even though we are in the middle of winter we are still able to perform perc tests in order to design septic systems.  Yesterday the frost was only about 5 inches thick, which is not thick enough to stop us from digging.  This perc test was performed in Norton and passed with flying colors.  Nice sandy material and a low water table.  Thus, a lower priced system for the homeowner.100_0807

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