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New septic in Attleboro

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It may look like a big sand box, but actually there is a leaching field underneath this sand.  Since the leaching field is above natural grade, a rubber liner is installed around the entire leaching field to prevent the breakout of any waste water.  This particular septic system install which is in Attleboro was a bit more complicated.  The tank and pump chamber are located next to the house which is about 150′ away from the field.  A pump sends the waste water through a 2″ pipe from the pump chamber to the distribution box (small box in the above picture) which is located at the beginning of the leaching field. 




We took advantage of the great weather last week and installed a septic system that included a 1500 gallon tank, a 5 outlet distribution box with baffle and an 18′ x 40′ stone and pipe leaching field.  Over the last few years the majority of septic systems we have installed have been plastic leaching chambers covered with sand, but we are seeing a trend of many engineers switching back to the old stone and pipe systems.  No matter what type of leaching field the septic plan calls for we highly recommend installing a vent pipe.  The vent pipe adds oxygen to the leaching field, which in turn helps the bacteria in the leaching field work more efficiently.  We paint the exposed pvc pipe black or green and recommend that a bush or stone be put in front of it.  There are other products such as bird baths, granite posts and fake boulders that are made to fit over the pipe and no one will ever know it is there.

100_1019[1]Due to poor soils and limited space we had to install a different type of septic system at this tough site in Norton.   This is a drip dispersal system which is manufactured by Oakson, Inc., and I believe this is the first time one of these are being installed in Norton.  The representative from Oakson is going to the site tomorrow and will be giving us a tutorial on how to correctly install the hydraulic unit and then connect it to the drip dispersal tubing.  It should be an interesting day.

100_1017Today we installed a 1500 gallon two compartment septic tank in Norton.  It took us a little longer than usual (about 4 hours from start to finish) because we had to connect two inlet lines and we also had to hand dig a long trench under some exterior stairs.  These four hours are the only time the homeowner can’t use water in the house.   Even though the two compartment tank adds about $500 to the cost of a new system, the added filtration is well worth the extra money.


Title 5 failure in Norton

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100_0982The above picture is what we call a septic root snake.  If you plan on planting a tree next to your septic system, you should think again.  This particular system was only 12 years old and it failed a title 5 inspection because the roots of a nearby tree clogged all of the pipes in the leaching field.  If you are having any problems with your septic system, or need a routine septic tank pumping, and are located in the Mansfield, Norton, and Attleboro areas give us a call to set up an appointment.  We will be happy to help you with all of your septic system needs.

100_0976One way to secure steel covers to a septic tank is to use concrete.  This makes a water tight seal and locks them in place so no person or animal accidentally falls in.  Every title 5 inspection and new septic system installation in Norton requires steel covers to grade.  Covers to grade make septic tank pumping a much easier task.  Towns like Mansfield and Attleboro, also allow locking plastic septic tank covers.

100_0882This leaching field excavation was done in Attleboro, MA.  The hole is about 8′ deep and since we had to leave it sit over night and wait for an inspection by the town the next morning, the hole filled up with 3 feet of ground water.  We had to pump the hole for about an hour ,then scrape the bottom of the hole of any silty material and finally fill the hole with around 300 yards of septic sand.

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100_0872Pictured above is one of our latest septic system installs in Norton, MA.  This system consisted of two septic tanks instead of the just one.  The second tank acts as the pump chamber that pumps the effluent up hill to the leaching field.  The pump chamber is needed when there is a high water table and the leaching field has to be installed higher than the plumbing that exists the house.  This configuration is common in Norton and the surrounding towns.

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100_0859It seemed like we have been on the septic system installation forever.  The septic system install itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but due to many site issues we have been at this site on and off for 5 days.  From a small natural stone retaining wall, having to do some landscaping around the front of the house, and cleaning out two spots in the wetlands.   Many years ago a past owner of the property decided to fill in some wetlands with carpet, roofing shingles, and other misc. pieces of trash.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to our next easy septic system install.

100_0849Today we finished installing a septic system in Attleboro, MA.  The picture above is of a Distribution Box and a distribution box riser.  Title 5 requires that a riser be installed on the distribution box to bring access to the d-box within 6 to 9 inches of finished grade.  This makes accessing the distribution box extremely easy during a title 5 inspection or if the d-box has to be found due to a leaching field problem.


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