Septic System Problems in Norton

Here is a strong indication that you leaching field is in failure.  When the waste water in your leaching field can’t drain through the bottom of the field anymore, it usually tends to make some spot above the leaching field soggy and damp.  In this case it is breaking out the side of the leaching field and making a small sewer stream in this homeowners mulch bed.  The first company these homeowners called recommended that they jet the pipes in the leaching field.  Just a heads up to all the homeowners out there, jetting the leaching field lines only works when the lines are clogged.  If the waste water if getting to the end of your leaching field, that means that the pipes are fine and the problem is the field itself.  9 out of 10 times when a leaching field fails it is from the formation of biomat on the bottom of the field.  The biomat acts like a pool liner and doesn’t allow any water to pass through it.  So save your $1500 and don’t bother water jetting the pipes in your leaching field.