Septic Tank Pumping: Rule #1 — Choose wisely!!

We received a call today from a lady who just had her septic tank pumped from another septic pumping company.  She was told by the driver of the pump truck that there was a block of concrete in her tank and she should get the tank checked out.  She questioned the driver about the concrete and he had no answers for her.  So she called us to investigate the problem and I explained to her  on the phone that the concrete on the bottom of the tank was the old concrete baffle that was knocked off in order to install an effluent filter.   She told me that she did indeed have a filter but the pumper did not offer to clean it.

So the moral of this blog is “buyer beware”.  There is more to pumping a septic tank than just sticking the hose in the tank and sucking all of the liquid out.  A good septic pumper will check your tank, clean your filter and educate the consumer on proper septic care.  Saving $10 off a septic pump could end up costing you thousands in the future if you hire the wrong septic pumping company.  Ribeiro Enterprises, Inc. currently services Norton, Mansfield and Attleboro.