Cleaning Septic Tank Filters in Norton

Over the past week we have had several emergency septic calls from people that think they need to have their tanks pumped, but actually they just needed to have their filter cleaned. It is a good practice to pump your tank every 2 to 4 years (frequency depends on size of tank, age of system and the amount of people in your home), but it is more important to cleans your septic tank filter on a regular basis.  We recommend every six months the filter be cleaned to avoid unnecessary backups into the house. Above is a picture of a septic tank filter in Norton that has been cleaned in over a year.  A clogged filter not only could cause a backup of sewage into the house but it also cuts off the air supply to the leaching field.  Which in turn could cause a premature failure of the leaching field and no one likes to hear the words “failed septic system”.  So to avoid backup and extend the life of your septic system get in a habit of cleaning your filter every six months, or give us a call and we will set you up in our automatic filter cleaning program.