Septic Tank Covers in Norton

Even though many homeowners consider septic tank covers ugly when they are exposed, they serve a very important function.  Being able to access the inlet and outlet tees whenever the tank is pumped is critical in checking all areas of the septic tank.  Some people never dig up the inlet cover of the septic tank until they have a clog in the inlet tee.  This leads to a back up into the house and then the following usually occurs. The plumber is called, then roto rooter is called and after about $600 or so with no solution to the problem the local septic company is called.  We come over, dig up the inlet tee and remove the clump of grease and toilet paper that has been building up over the past 20 years or so.   Once again this all could have been avoided if there was adequate access to both the inlet and outlet ends of the septic tank.  In Norton, steel covers are mandatory.  In Attleboro and Mansfield the homeowner has a choice between steel or plastic covers.  Either way, this is a great way to avoid a backup of sewage from your toilet, shower or wash machine discharge pipe.