Backed Up Septic System

A Break from Septic Services

Emergency Septic Service

The past two nights Sean and I have ventured out late at night and dealt with a couple of backed up septic systems.  The first system hadn’t been pumped in 10+ years and needless to say it was a mess. We pumped the septic tank and the homeowners were back in business. The emergency call tonight due to a clogged inlet pipe.  We snaked the line, removed the clog and were quickly back at home eating dinner.

Title 5 Inspection – Conditional Pass

Title 5 Inspection – Conditional Pass

Today we did a title 5 inspection in Norton, MA.  The system was functioning properly but one of the system components was not up to passing Title 5 standards.  The distribution box had major corrosion and unfortunately for the homeowner, must be replaced to pass Title 5.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank installation

Past Septic System

Foundation/site work fun

Septic Time Once Again