Septic Time Once Again

Our new website is currently being built so I was trying to hold off on the blogging and start fresh with the new one but alas I cannot wait any longer. This week we find ourselves over in Foxboro on Main St. at one of our ongoing new construction projects. Finally get to backfill the new septic tomorrow, as we started and finished it earlier this week but with the towns intermittent inspection schedule we had to wait a day and a half for the final inspection. The waterline is also being dug and installed tomorrow as well. We have several more septics awaiting our arrival but this time of year is tough because the weather really dictates our schedule. It’s not bad when it’s just cold because everything is frozen and you can get trucks in and out of people’s yards. But when you get a warm spell, like we have been experiencing lately, the ground thaws and turns everything to mud and makes it virtually impossible to do some jobs. So we’ll have to wait and see, plan according, and see what happens. Or you can always just roll the dice, cross your fingers, and go for it.