Foundation/Site Work Fun

Well it has been a long time coming but I think it’s about due time to get back in the groove and ramp back up the blog machine. I appologize for the lengthy layoff but time is tough to come by these days as work is crazy busy not to mention that I seemed to have stumbled upon one of those time consuming things, what do you call it, oh yea a girlfriend. So needless to say free time to blog is at a premium these days but from this point on we will make it happen.

These pictures take us back a few months when we began a string of new construction/addition site work jobs. This particular foundation we dug was over on Marshall Ave. in Mansfield. Overall the project went fairly smooth besides the fact the the original builder of the house decided it would be a good idea to bury stumps in the back yard where the far corner of the dig out was for the foundation footing. Not the end of the world though, just had to truck in more stone and dig down deeper in that corner and remove the old stump dump. A little bit of a pain but it certainly could have been a lot worse.